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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Homemade Beverage That Will Remove All Kinds of Pains

Here are some suggestions for a recipe that hydrates the organism and which is also an analgesic. So, if you have body aches, try this tea. It contains ingredients which successfully remove pains.

Recipe for analgesic tea:

1 tsp of honey
1 tsp of cinnamon
2 tsp of black tea
2 glasses of water
2 tsp of powdered turmeric
Half a cup of almond milk
2, 5 cm long piece of ginger, ground
2 tsp of ground cardamom

Put the ginger, cardamom, powdered turmeric and cinnamon in water and place the mixture on fire for 10 minutes. Add the black tea and continue cooking for 2 minutes. When the mixture is cooked, strain it in the cup of almond milk. Sweeten the tea with honey.
How to consume it:
You should drink this tea throughout the day, whenever you feel pain.
Health benefits of the beverage:
- Honey
Honey soothes body aches and joint inflammation. It has anti-bacterial effect so it can be used as prevention against season bacteria.
- Cinnamon
Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It can be used as a remedy for arthritis and back pain. It also decreases the risk of heart attack and is effective against diabetes type 2.
- Almond Milk
Consuming almond regularly can help you to decrease joint pain, muscle pains and headache. Almond contains a compound called salicin, which is similar to aspirin. Thos compound also helps in improving heart health and in controlling body weight.
- Black tea
Black tea contains theaflavins that reduce damage to muscle fibers after exercise. It also contains antioxidants needed for good health.
Prevents tumor cells` development
Prevents caries
Improves blood vessels` health
Treats headaches
Improves mental abilities
Reduces symptoms of Parkinson`s disease
Reduces secretion of hormones that cause stress
Helps in dealing with diarrhea and vomiting
- Water
It is essential for entire organism`s health, as well as fir cleansing the kidneys and liver. Water is highly important for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.
- Cardamom
It freshens the breath, eliminates waste products from kidneys and protects certain types of cancer. Prevents blood clot occurrence, reduces high blood pressure and reduces the symptoms of flu and cold. It is also good for constipation and other digestive problems.
- Ginger
It helps with menstrual cramps and is useful against inflammations. Ginger also has the ability to reduce bloating and to prevent stomach cramps.

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