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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Fashion Etiquette: Business Casual Attire

Guidelines for business casual dress
In general, clothes should be clean, unwrinkled and look professional. Your clothes should have a good fit -- not too tight or loose -- and anything too revealing is definitely inappropriate (cleavage, stomach, undergarments, etc.). Also, you should consider what you will be doing on a particular day. If you are meeting with clients, err on the conservative side. Generally, clothing suited for the beach, dance clubs, exercise classes, sporting events and yard work is often too casual for work.

Hats -- Usually hats and ball caps are seen as inappropriate in the office, but obviously head covers worn for religious purposes are fine.

Footwear -- Dress heels, deck-type shoes, loafers, flats, dress boots and walking shoes are usually seen as fine. What are often viewed as inappropriate are flip-flops, slippers, hiking boots, sneakers and overly flashy athletic shoes. Key to remember: Shoes should be clean and polished (not scuffed).

Slacks, pants and suit pants -- Generally those slacks that are wool, flannel, corduroy, linen, cotton (similar to Dockers or khakis) or nice-looking capris (for women) are acceptable. Inappropriate: jeans, sweatpants, leather pants, cargo pants, short shorts, leggings, biking shorts, exercise pants and overalls.

Skirts, dresses and skirted suits -- Casual dresses and skirts of a length that let you sit comfortably in public are fine (usually skirts should fall to the knee). Short, tight skirts, miniskirts, beach or sun dresses and spaghetti-strap dresses are seen as inappropriate for the office.

Shirts, tops, jackets and blouses -- Usually casual button-down oxford shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, golf shirts are seen as acceptable at work. Inappropriate tops: tank tops, midriff tops, halter tops or shirts with offensive graphics (logos, pictures, slogans) or sweatshirts. Basic white and chambray are good colors. For women, sweater sets are also fine.

Accessories (jewelry, makeup, perfume or cologne, scarves, belts) -- Generally accessories should be conservative and in good taste. Wear perfume and cologne sparingly since some people are allergic.

Sometimes, you still have to use your judgment about what might be seen as inappropriate at work. Err on the side of being more conservative. You want to be evaluated based on your work-related skills, not the way you dress.


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