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Friday, 8 May 2015

You are the fortune-teller of your life!

Your life cannot rise above the limits set by your expectations; the quality of your life cannot rise above the quality of your expectations. Expectation is the gateway to manifestation

Gateway to manifestation.

To expect the best, you have to train your mind to believe for the best; to engage in possibility thinking. When you expect the best you activate faith. When you expect the worst you activate fear. Whatever you expect creates your reality.

In the game of life prizes are not given to people with half-hearted efforts. This is because half-hearted efforts will yield half-hearted results. Those who climb all the way to the top put their whole heart in whatever they do; they give it their all; they give their best energy; time; finances; attention to whatever they want to accomplish. Defeat is attracted to those who do not give of their best shot. When you give all of yourself to life; life will give you all of its best. Any job or project you are engaged in give it your best shot; give it all you’ve got; hold nothing back and life will release to you all of its rewards. We half-attain when we are half-minders and half-doers. Don’t be a hold-out but rather be a give-out. Go all out and play the game of life to win.

Throw your heart into your endeavours and your performance will follow. If you doubt yourself and your abilities; if you see yourself failing and falling; if you see limitations then throw your heart into where you want to go and what you want to be and your performance will follow leading you to your expected result or outcome.

Strive for the best and the best you will attain. Think of the best and the best you will create. Talk of the best and the best you will attract. You move forward by focusing forward. Don’t settle for less than enough; settle for more than enough. Don’t live down to negative experiences but rather live up to positive expectations.

When a woman conceives, everything within her changes; there is a hormonal change; her body changes and even the way she views herself and the future changes. She begins to see herself as a mother; she begins to make preparation for her baby because she expects to deliver her baby at the appointed time of nine months. Along the same vein, when a farmer sows in his farmland he expects to reap a harvest of the crop he had sowed at the appointed time. It will be fool-hardy for the farmer to expect a harvest when he never sowed anything on his farmland. It will also be foolishness for the farmer to expect to harvest cocoa when he planted waterleaf.


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