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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Peter Okoye reveals what can bring P-Square together

Peter Okoye in an exclusive chat with Vibe magazine, revealed the only way P-Square can get back together.

And it is if the “respect” that was initially in the team can be brought back.

“Is there a slight possibility that some day, we will get back the P-Square we used to know”,  he was asked.

“Of course. When the respect is back. When you stay apart for a while, the respect will come. We’ve lost it.

People will never understand but we’ve lost that respect. Like I said in the open letter, we will work in future but when we come back, it will be from respect. There was no respect that’s why there has been a back and forth. Aren’t you guys tired of it? If I tell you that P-Square is back now, people will say “You guys are tricking us”. Don’t play with people’s minds.

I don’t have any problem. All I said is that, have it at the back of your minds – P-Square is for the fans. Peter, Paul, Jude is family.” He responded.

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