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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Murder Of 3 Students By Senator Lafiagi Secuirty Escort: Group Slam’s Kwara Governor Abdulfattah Ahmed For Silence

Kwara Must Change, a Kwara State-based advocacy group, has condemned the governor of Kwara State, Mr. Abdulfattah Ahmed, for his silence over the killing of three students by soldiers attached to Mr. Shaaba Lafiagi, the senator representing Kwara North Senatorial District. The group made its position known in a statement issued on Saturday.
Country home of Sha'aba Lafiagi on fire after his security escorts killed 3 students
The shooting incident, which occurred in Lafiagi town, Edu Local Government Area, on 17 November, also left many others with grave injuries. The victims were part of the crowd of protesters involved in a rally against poor representation provided by Mr. Lafiagi.

“However, since this unfortunate incident happened, there has been no official reaction from either the state or local government. We strongly condemn this conspiracy of silence. The Chairman of Edu Local Government, in whose
territory the wicked act took place, has not deemed it proper to acknowledge the sad incident that claimed many lives under his watch. Neither has the Kwara State governor, who is the chief security officer of the state,” said Kwara Must Change.

The group added that it appears as though the government is keen on shielding the masterminds of the extra-judicial killings and vowed that it would not allow such to happen. Kwara Must Change also stated that in its bid to seek justice for the victims, it has started holding meetings with stakeholders in the area.

“We have met with the families of the victims as well as youths of Lafiagi town and we both agreed that there is a need for action on the matter to ensure justice is done. The youths also informed us that they protested to the Emir’s palace to demand justice for their brothers and they are willing to collaborate with Kwara Must Change to achieve their aims,” said the group.

In addition, Kwara Must Change said it has met with Nupe youth leaders, who disclosed that they are also working to ensure justice is done. The group similarly disclosed that it is in contact with a Kwara North socio-cultural organization that is working to ensure justice for the victims.

 “We all shall be working together to not only seek justice for the victims but to also immortalize them. We, therefore, call on all well-meaning Kwarans and Nigerians to support us as we demand justice for the victims and their families,” the group said.

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