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Friday, 15 December 2017

Lady dies in gas explosion after her phone rang close to a gas cylinder

A phone-triggered gas explosion has killed Rotary Club president International, GRA, Osogbo
Deputy Director, O-Ambulance, a State of Osun safety organisation, Olori Opeyemi Omobolawa Fola, has died as result of gas explosion in Osogbo.

The sad incident happened on Wednesday December 13, 2017.

The trained senior nurse, was said to have gone to the popular Grace Gas, Osogbo, to refill her cylinder, when she suddenly had a call and brought out her phone from her pocket.

According to an eyewitness, the phone exploded instantly, set the woman and her car on fire, and flung the cylinder to a far distance.

Some others were also said to have been seriously injured as a result of the explosion.

She will be buried today, December 15th.

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  1. Ha! Please verify your fact well before you publish. Truly she suffered burns but not as a result of making calls. Her two are still active nothing affected them but the source of the explosion remains a mistry.
    Should would be buried tomorrow Saturday and not today as u claimed.
    Her car is parked at Dada estate police station with minor damage. Pls visit the mentioned police station for verification

  2. Kindly verify ur post before posting, nothing happens to her two phones and the Gas management only use this so that they won't be penalize. The family has accepted their fate but post like this can cause chaos again. Iwill advise you to bring this post down so that the family will not take legal action against your newspaper. HON. Mudasir Ayanfe from Osogbo


    *Distinguished partners* in Service, Please I'm pleading to us in the name of God the story about false story *RTN OLORI OPEYEMI* death wasn't the truth, spreading rumors that she was receiving *phone call* very close to the gas feeling station, that got her car burnt and her phone it's a very wrong news nothing was wrong with her car, presently at the *Estate police station Oshogbo* likewise her phones was in good working condition with over 71 missed calls on it after the ugly incident. So please lets help end the rumors about her death, because no one knows the cause of the sudden fire that sparked out Except the manger and the attendant at the gas station tell the whole world the truth.


    Despite *Rtn Olori Bola* was the deputy Director at her working place, Rotaractors, Rotarians and other Family members all moved from her working place *@ O' Ambulance* In Osogbo, it came to our surprise that none of their staff followed us for the candle night process *( acting to the instruction from their boss)* which means something is wrong and her boss which was the Director of Osun Ambulance (O Ambulance) command all staffs not to attend her funeral too *SO HEARTLESS* what a wicked world. We all know the culprit behind this will be exposed soon and perish And we pray that almighty God will accept her and be in his right hand.

    *FINALLY* Let's pray for the last woman on sick bed that was a victim of this incident that almighty God should spare her life and the baby inside her, and I pray that almighty God will be with us all and we shall never mourn over anyone one of us again. Thanks and God bless (Amen).



  4. So this published story is not true as described. Why did the NewsPaper 0ublished a false version of what happened?

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  6. kindly further more details on this story through the e-mail address provided to get it published. May her soul rest in peace.