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Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Tale With My Lecturer Episode 16 and 17

Episode 16
“no” i breathed, broke away from her hold and moved over to another corner of the room. She laughed, turned and faced me once again.
“sir i’m sorry to say this but you are not behaving like a man. You are not behaving like a man that has seen a woman’s pant. Seriously your behaviour is so annoying” she poured out coldly, while i bit my lips as i returned her gaze.

“i don’t know if you are being paid to mess with me but it’s not going to work. Just get out from my office” i said softly. She gently settled on her chair and shook her head.

“you have already cheated on your wife with me and i know you still seriously want me. I see the desire in your eyes. You are just so indecisive and scared. A very bad character for a man” she murmured, shrugged and continued.

“you should appreciate me for. doing your dirty work for you. I’m just doing what you are supposed to be doing. Do you actually want me to walk away from your life?” she asked and kept quiet. I breathed deeply.
“you talk too much for a student. You have to show a little respect” I cautioned. She stood up and grabbed her handbag.

“call me when you make up your mind. I’m leaving” she said with a sad look and moved towards the door.

“wait” i suddenly breathed. She scoffed, turned and faced me once again.
“i know no one does anything with no gain. So please tell me. What should i expect if i move on with you?. I have a wife i hold so dearly and you know, i can’t replace her with you?” i asked with a furiously pounding heart. She smiled, drew forward and softly grabbed my shirt.

“hmmmm a nicely put question. Well let me be honest, all i hope to gain from you are simply the entitlements befitting a mistress of a lecturer. We are in tough times you know and most times we do things that are out of the ordinary just to survive. I will get you in no trouble with your family and in return you will never allow me get in trouble with my pocket” she said boldly, drawing me back with a strange kind of shock.
“but can i afford you?” i asked as i nervously looked her all over.
“your hair, clothes, makeup, can I ?” i asked.

“how much do you think a lady’s maintenance cost these days? Seriously it won’t even affect your salary. I have to leave now but if you are serious and ready to add some spark into my life. You have to take my offer before one of the new lecturers that came into this school with you takes it” she said softly, breathed deeply and left. I speechlessly watched her leave while my head burned with worry.

Comfort simply was a super witch, so charming and spirited. Even though i was scared of admitting it openly. I so f-----g needed her.

Episode 17
Seriously my decision to move on with Comfort was very insane and totally uncalled for, but just like most christains i blamed the devil for corrupting my mind. Nevertheless there was this spirit of adventure, a strange kind of sensation that found its way into my body, blinding me from seeing the thick line of reality especially whenever comfort was before me.

Just like i said in previous episodes, i never had many sexual adventures prior to my marriage, so the feeling of being wanted by a beautiful young lady who equally assured me of every secrecy i could ever ask for really got into my head. I doubt if any of you guys reading this story will be able to resist Comfort supposing you were in my position.
Two days later, I did a very unusual thing by inviting her to my house. She showed up at exactly 7:45pm that Thursday evening looking very stunning in a sexy revealing gown.

“i can’t believe you actually invited me here. What a good start in our relationship but how about your wife?” she asked as she walked into my apartment.

“she’s out of town. I’m here all alone” i breathed quietly.
“Aren’t you bothered that someone, probably a neighbour might tell her about my visit?” she intelligently asked as she settled down in my living room. I smiled and shook my head.

“it’s a possibility i can’t deny but you are here already and i can’t turn back the hands of time” i answered.

“so what now?” she asked, crossing her legs provocatively.
“yea i think my body needs the kind of fire in you. Our first time together was memorable but i want something hotter” i teased, knelt by her side and kissed her.

“oh you are not a gentleman, Seriously. You didn’t even offer me anything huh” she hissed playfully, while her left hand unbuttoned my shirt, giving her access to my n-----s which she squeezed with the same hand.
“how about a bathroom s-x?. I bet your wife is yet to give it to you?” she asked.

“c’mon see my height?, just like my wife you aren’t the same height with me for that s--t” i answered, softly kissing her again.
“don’t you have a kitchen stool huh?, or even a bathtub?” she asked while i rolled my eyes and smiled.
“i’m going to teach you how to be a bad boy. I pray you don’t run” she joked and bit my ear.

Fifteen minutes later, we were totally naked in my bathroom. The only thing on her was a shower cap which she used in covering her hair.
“let the show begin baby” she giggled playfully, turned on the shower and climbed on the kitchen stool i brought in for her. She placed her right leg on the toilet seat and bent seductively, opening her k---y for a freeway penetration. I quickly wore a condom and moved in, grabbing her super sleek a-s as water poured on us.

“don’t you wish your wife is hot like me. Don’t you¿ ” she sang as i rammed into her from behind.
Oh Comfort was just the type of devil you pray to see every night.
To be continued.

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