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Friday, 22 December 2017

Tips On Goat Housing

Tips On Goat Housing (Recommended by MK Adam Rano, General Secretary, NSGDAN)

The goat pen

The site for the pen should slope gently on firm ground to allow good drainage. it should be leeward of homestead -the site should protect goats from droughts and colds; sun; rainfall; and predators.

Floor should be 1-1.5m above ground level.

Height 2-3m (allow for ventilation)

  • Pen /space required
  • permanent pen 1.5m/sq per goat
  • over-night pen 1m/sq per goat
  • kidding pen (doe and kid) 3m/sq
  • permanent buck pen 3m/sq
Management of meat goats
You should aim to have kidding during dry season to avoid mortalities related to rains. Your target should normally be between August -October and April -May.

Run does (female goat) and bucks (he-goat) together for 6-8 weeks

Does (female goat) are culled on age and performance

Use horn brands, metal tags and paint on horns for grouping breeding does (female goat)

Use knife for 3 weeks and older, Burdizzo for the at least 3 months and Elastrator 1-3 days old

Dipping is only necessary when goats have ticks or mites. Dip all new goats coming onto the farm

Foot bath
-recommended during the rainy season to control foot rot.
-use recommended disinfectants

Hoof trimming
Hoof trimming is necessary under intensive conditions and during the rainy season when feed is in abundant.

Stocking rates on planted pastures (standard)

5 goats per hectare

Goats prefer to browse (70% of feeding time) than to graze (30%). On average, goats spend 8 hours a day feeding.

Supplementary feeding

Roughage (bulk feeds) source: maize stover, rapoko and sorghum stalks, millet and wheat straws.

Energy feeds

This includes maize, sorghum, rapoko grains.

Maize and sorghum need not be milled

Protein feeds
Goat Housing Contains legume residue such as cowpeas, groundnuts, round nuts, velvet beans or sugar beans, browse pods and leaves

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