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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer Episode 29 and 30

Episode 29
“God i can’t believe this. what has come over you my dear?” she asked slowly. I knelt by her side and held her softly, breathing deeply.
“please don’t leave me here all alone, unless you want me to go with you where ever you go” i repeated once again. She shook her head and looked into my eyes.

“see it isn’t as if i’m happy leaving you and everything behind to start a new life. I just have no choice” she said softly.

“no dearest, it’s still between us to fix. We can change everything together. We can reshape our destiny” i pushed on, more tears dropping from my eyes.

“you just have to let me go. My heart is still very broken and my spirit is also very weak. I promise to be back whenever i recover. Just let me go for now. I just can’t stay here with you at the moment” she begged seriously.

“nooo” i sobbed.
“yes you have to my dear unless you want to find me dead in your bathroom” she insisted.

“so how long do you intend staying away from me?” i asked sorrowfully.
“I don’t know, but i’ll be watching from a distance. How you tackle this situation will determine a whole lot of things” she answered with tears.
“okay. It’s fine by me” i muttered with resignation. She smiled, pecked me and finally left without another protest from me, leaving me all alone to carry my load of problems.

I surely had a lot to do, which comprised getting my emotions under control, opening up to my parents and making plans on how to see Comfort’s family the coming Sunday. I couldn’t help but think of the Priest’s words over and over as i planned on how to see my parents. Of course his words were a bit confusing to me by saying that Comfort and the baby weren’t in my future but still turning around to say that i should care for them because that alone will set things right.

“how on earth will i care for her and the baby yet they won’t show up in my future?” i wondered over and over.

The very next day, I headed home to see my parents who couldn’t believe their ears when i calmly told them what brought me home. My mum was overly shocked and angry, while dad simply frowned with disgust.

“i can’t believe you are asking me to be part of this nonsense development. If not that you are my son, i would have walked you out of here, but no matter my disappointment over your action. I still have no choice than to do whatever necessary to help you out. You are my blood and your life is very much important to me than mine and for that reason i will go with you on Sunday to see the girl’s parents” he accepted just like i expected but unfortunately things didn’t go as i hoped on Sunday evening when we arrived Comfort’s house.

Her family insisted on a full fledged traditional marriage between me and their daughter before any form of compromise could be reached, putting me in another dilemma.

Episode 30
Comfort’s family ruined the Sunday by insisting i marry their daughter, a demand which didn’t go down well with me.

My father however tried his best to get them listen to us but unfortunately all they wanted was marriage and refused listening to anything contrary to it. We were left with no choice than to head home hours later, extremely angry over the futile journey.

“so what’s your next move?” my dad asked curiously as soon as we got home. I looked at the old man with pity and regret, shrugging slowly.

I truly wasn’t happy about getting him involved in my mess. I wasn’t happy about dragging him to Comfort’s village where he was almost insulted because we refused the proposal the silly people came up with.

“seriously Dad, nothing is in my mind for now, but concerning Comfort. She can now go to hell for all i care. I can never marry her. The best i can do is to take care of her child, nothing more, nothing less” I answered with resignation.

“well i pray things go well for you. Try your best and come home for Christmas and don’t run away from us because of your problems” he advised like a good father.

I returned to my apartment the very next day, to continue with my life. I threw my problems with Comfort to the back of my mind and faced the new week with a new mindset. Of course i knew Comfort was going to come back to beg on behalf of her parents, an opportunity i hoped cashing in on to give her my own conditions.

I needed being in control of the game, i needed being the captain of the whole affair. Her parents behaviour really opened my eyes to a new reality. They taught me that no matter the condition of things, one should still hold up his head high as if he was in control of the situation.

Just like i expected, Comfort showed up at my office, early Tuesday morning. I calmly offered her a chair, she sat down and stared at me with a visibly coloured face.

“i’m sorry about how things went with my parents. They can be annoying sometimes” she muttered nervously.
“that’s their own business, now listen to me. I have decided on how to care for you and your baby and if it isn’t enough for you, then you can go to hell” i said a bit rudely, shocking her with my words.

“i will rent a self contained room in a very plush neighbourhood next year for you, plus fifteen thousand Naira {about a hundred dollars} monthly allowance till you deliver the baby. After delivery, the s-x of the child will determine my next plan for you. My offer isn’t open for debate. You either take it or leave it” i said seriously, searching her eyes for the much expected reaction.
I felt my offer was a fair one or isn’t it??.
To be continued.

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