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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Nigerian Muslims demand their own new year holiday, say January 1st is for false God of Rome

Muslims in Nigeria have demanded for their own equivalent of January 1, which is the beginning of the year.
Nigerian Muslims demand their own new year holiday, say January 1st is for false God of Rome
Prof. Ishaq Akintola
A statement signed by Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, reads in part:

“As usual and since colonial days into Nigeria’s post-independence period, the Federal Government declared today, 1st January 2018, as a public holiday.
The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) observes that today’s holiday fully consolidated the two-day Christmas holiday and enabled Nigerian Christians to kick off the 2018 Christo-Western Gregorian calendar.
However, conscious Nigerian Muslims, particularly stakeholders in the welfare of Muslims as well as the growth and development of Islam in Nigeria, approached today’s holiday with mixed feelings.
Our feeling of marginalization arises from the reality of the Nigerian situation which has conditioned Muslims in the country for religious segregation and subjected them to spiritual apartheid.
Here we are today, enjoying January 1st holiday which was declared by the Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria in recognition of the Christo-Western Gregorian calendar.
But the same FG which recognizes this Christian calendar is yet to declare 1st Muharram a public holiday in recognition of the Islamic calendar despite several petitions and appeals to it dating back to the 60s. Surprisingly, some people still complain that Nigeria is Islamised!
Why is FG granting holiday for a false god of Rome and denying same for Allah the Creator of all things (Qur’an 2:29), the Judge of all Judges (95:8), Master of all masters (51:58) and the King of Kings (3:26).
Research reveals that 1st January is in honour of Janus, the Roman god of gates whom the Romans believed protected them from invasions. This is an incontrovertible fact. Why should FG force us to idolize the false god of Rome?
MURIC charges FG to drop its colonial garb and to don a truly nationalistic identity. For Nigerian Muslims to feel a sense of belonging, FG must close the gap between Christians and Muslims.”
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  1. Man gave man religion but God(Alah)gave us's better Man hate religion and Embrace Truth.

    1. What the fuck with all these outdated, foreign to Nigerians religious bullshit! None believers of both of these outdated bullshits will also soon be a king for their own new year. When will Nigerians learn to start focusing on what matters most?

    2. Bullshits this antichrist envysism, make una relax, man no be God

  2. Isn't Islam a foreign religion as well?

  3. Muslims say Jesus said he will send the comforter when he leaves.This they say is proof that Mohammed was to come after Jesus. They say Allah/god sent Mohammed. If Jesus said he will send Mohammed and Mohammed is sent by God this proves that Jesus is God!

  4. This is the most heart warming news i have heared for a while now. May Allah make it a reality. There should be equity and equality.

  5. All Islamic inscriptions On our Nigerian curriencies should also be removed because Nigeria is not an Islamic country.

  6. i dont know why religion has destroyed millions of brains,cant you people think and judge beyond selfishness again? you are arguing with an inverted ideology everybody knows we are using pop Gregory's calendar and you are here talking about Rome nawa oh!

  7. i think the best judgement is that since Christianity has English language as its means of propagation and it was the Englishmen that made the Nigeria we know then it wouldn't be a wrong judgement to call Nigeria a Christian country

  8. Another issue is that since Christianity made Nigeria into being with its rival Islam which uses Arabic as its own means of propagation as part of it then for a better government i think there should be a three way jurisdiction one for christians one for moslems and the supreme for secularism