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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Pain Of Keeping A Relationship

Oluwabusolami Idowu

There is nothing like village girls these days as almost all of them have tasted the "forbidden fruit". Some Village girls are now wiser than the so-called city girls.. Hmmm.
Pain Of Keeping A Relationship
The other day I tried advising a "village girl" about s*x, love and relationship but little did I know she is well informed and experienced. In fact, she started advising the adviser (me) as she narrated the awful experiences she had with guys some of which I will share with you.

She dumped a village guy who was madly in love with her for a city guy. She fell in love with the city guy and got pregnant, she said she could not terminate it as she was madly in love with him and of course the guy also asked her to leave it.

After the delivery of the first child she got pregnant the second time and this time around, the guy reluctantly asked her to leave it of which she obliged out of love, after she was delivered of the second child, the guy changed totally, he started giving her attitude, he punches her at will, he told her that he isn't ready for marriage as he hasn't finished enjoying his youthful age, and so on.

He frustrated the girl to the extent that she was left with no option but to move out of his house in the city to the village since he hasn't even paid her bride price. Now she is left with the burden of raising two little kids in the village. What an experience!!! She was even telling me that sex is not love, adding that nothing can make a man stay if he doesn't want to stay especially when they aren't meant for each other, that the father of her kids now flirts about with different women, etc. I could see a girl with a heavy heart, I could sense anger in her voice, she was very depressed when she was narrating the story and after some time she smiled so that I wouldn't pity her. Learning from people's mistakes is one sure way to be forewarned/forearmed.

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