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Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Name Sai Buhari

By Micheal Joseph OKON.

Interestingly words have different meanings to different people, so before you stone me for saying Sai Buhari for a lot has happened since 2015 that has proven our perspective of sai more realistic kindly listen to my side of the story. 
muhammadu buhari
muhammadu buhari
In Efik and Ibibio when you say; Owo mi? Meaning anyone at home? Somewhere in Rivers state it means any Masquerade here? 

I guess the word Sai means something great to our Muslim brothers, but to us here in Cross River State (Efiks) and Akwa Ibom State (Ibibios), Sai is an exclamation of shock and disappointment. 

In 2015 when I first encountered the phrase Sai Buhari I envisaged the article was going to disdain the APC candidate as at then only to meet the shock of my life when the writer humbled me in my thoughts and I was left in more Sai discontentment.

Up here when you buy fuel at 220 per liter, the next thing you would likely here from an Akwa Ibom indigene will be the expression sai (what a country). When you gather 365 naira to purchase a dollar, its a sai unbelievable shock.
When fuel finishes from your car on the middle of the road because 3000 naira petrol is nothing but a drop of water in your tank, it’s a big sai.

Sai Buhari in 2018 has different meaning from Sai Buhari 2015. 

What a disappointment that at 145 naira per litre of fuel we still have cues. Life is harder now than when we started shouting Sai Buhari. 

The reality on ground is that none in his right senses can thump his fist in neither hope nor confidence to say Sai Buhari in any part of Nigeria and not be mopped.

Every time Lai Mohammed comes up with unthinkable lies, the next sub-conscious expression is nothing less than Sai, what an unrepentant lair.

The Sai(shock of monumental disappointment) is everywhere, the beauty of this grand failure is that even APC members can attest to the facts on ground, Buhari can only have a second term if he rigs his way through especially when good men do nothing, but Nigerians have had enough of the deception and this Sai must stop come 2019.

'Sai we entered one chance called change.'

*Micheal Joseph Okon* writes from Ituk Mbang, Uruan, Akwa Ibom State. He is of The *Coalition Of Youth Leaders (CYL) In Akwa Ibom State.*

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