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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 8 &9

Episode 8
I finally picked up myself after some minutes, headed to the sitting room and pretended as if i was just waking up. My wife faked a smile on seeing me while my mother in law greeted me pleasantly.
“mum said she had a very strange dream last night and so had to rush over to see me. She’s also spending the night here with us” my wife said sweetly as i sat beside her. I instantly thanked her mother over and over.

We spent some time together before I finally headed to Comfort’s home for the great task ahead. Yea the time was exactly 12nøon when i left my house and headed out of town.

Gosh i was so nervous and shaken. I definitely was oblivious of what to expect. I prayed hard as i drove, begging God to be by my side.
1:35pm, Comfort’s home.

I parked my car in front of the quiet compound, made the sign of the cross before alighting from my car. I nervously made my way into the compound, missing few steps as i sighted Comfort’s father standing on the veranda.
“d--n old man” i cursed as i remembered the great scene he created in my office which led to my suspension.

He grew serious on sighting me while i boldly walked towards him, greeting politely when i got close to him. He responded a bit coldly.
“please sir i really wish to speak with Comfort and it’s kind of urgent” i begged after exchanging pleasantries with him. He studied me for some seconds before shrugging.

“she went to the hospital but here she is” he answered, pointing towards the gate. I turned to see Comfort coming with a sweet smile on her face. She looked way better than the last time i saw her.

“wow, good afternoon, can you imagine i dreamt about you last night. You never informed me you were coming, why?” she giggled happily while i shrugged, saying nothing. Her father stared at us for some seconds, shook his head and left us to be alone.

“fine, i know all isn’t well, let’s sit here and talk” she added, pointing to a small bench close by. I obeyed, sat down with her on the bench, faced her and breathed deeply.

“well i guess you already have heard that i lost my job due to the mess your parents created for me, but i still have a small window of opportunity in getting it back and i do need your help in it. All you have to do is simply to come out publicly and collaborate my story. You know till now that you are yet to make any statement concerning our relationship and i have powerful friends who are willing to help if you as much as come out in public to defend me” i explained solemnly. Her eyes instantly lighted up. I stared at her hopefully.

“you ruined my life and left me in the village, my parents ruined yours and left you jobless. You are now here begging me to help you fix your life back without any consideration for my own life. Anyway i will help but my demand still remains the same. I deserve the same right, privilege and respect your wife enjoys. My bride price will also be paid and a decent apartment arranged for me and my baby. Of course you don’t expect me to defend you publicly from my father’s house?” she demanded seriously, igniting my temper with her words. I felt like strangling her that moment but controlled myself as i weighed the options before.

“of course you know your demands are very unrealistic. Supposing i even wish to pay your bride price where do i get the money from?. I’m already broke and jobless, moreover my wife won’t take this s--t” i breathed.

“your wife, your wife, your wife?. What am i then?. In case you don’t know, i’m going to be the mother of your first son, better start planning ahead. As for your job, i will help you get it back and equally take all the shame, fall and blame if you just fulfill my demands. That’s my final word. Infact do you think it will be easy for an expectant mother like me to come out openly and bail you out with all the curse and nasty comments the public will throw at me. If you are ready, just do the right thing” she breathed, got up and headed inside the house, leaving me totally ripped apart.

Yes i was totally crestfallen. The two sides to my position was as deep as grave. The options before me were totally unimaginable. I just couldn’t live being jobless and i equally couldn’t live letting my wife down over again.
What do i do?

Episode 9
As i got up to leave, Comfort’s father appeared once again, staring at me curiously. It was obvious he heard everything.

“so what’s up between you and my daughter?, did you come to take her back to the city?” he asked with a strange smile. I scoffed, shook my head and walked out on him. A behaviour i instantly regretted as soon as i got to my car.

As i drove back home that hot afternoon, i thought of what to tell my wife and how to face her in the presence of her mother. It really would have been a lot better keeping everything away from them but as things stood, lying to my wife would definitely worsen my case because of course she would find out in the end.

I just couldn’t imagine what the future had in store for me. I scratched my head as I remembered the priest’s words. For the first time, I had some doubts over them.

I drove home with a heart plagued with confusion.

Jessica and her mother were in the sitting room when i got home. They clearly looked anxious, very curious to know how things went with Comfort. With Jessica’s soft eyes on me, lying became an option i couldn’t dare take.
“so how did it go my love?” she asked with a soft whisper. I shrugged and forced out a smile.

“She repeated the same list of demands she has been making since she got pregnant. She wants to have the same right as you do, a good apartment and her bride price paid before she helps out” i opened up. Jessica instantly coloured up while her mum sighed with anger.

“but please be rest assured that i will never do anything that can hurt you . I rather remain jobless than hurt your feelings again” i slowly added, reaching forward and leaving a kiss on my wife’s lips. She stared at me with a look of disbelief. I smiled nervously.

“i have to go rest my dear. I’m so tired” i breathed, got up and headed to our bedroom. But as i shut the connecting door between the sitting room and corridor leading to the bedrooms, i stopped and eavesdropped on what she was going to discuss with her mother.

I knew they had a lot to talk behind my back and i equally knew she always shared her mind freely with her mother just like she did in the morning.
“mum i feel like doing something to that girl. I’m so annoyed right now. Imagine demanding for an equal right after breaking my home” i soon heard her cry to her mum.

“you have to use your head my dear. As a good wife you got to support your husband. There isn’t any doubt he’s regretting every mistake he made. Just help him get his job back. Help him get back his destiny. Who knows in the next twenty years he could be the school Vice chancellor and you will have the fruits of your sacrifice before you” her mother spoke in a very surprising manner, leaving my heart swelling with joy ‘do you think so?’ she asked.

” my dear as a wife you sometimes have to put your pride and happiness aside to support your family . Even if it looks insane doing it. Your husband badly needs that job. Sacrifice your feelings for him.” she advised. I felt like crying as I listened on .

Later in the evening, after a very wonderful dinner. My wife looked up at me with eyes filled with love and care while her mum nodded in support.
“go ahead, pay the silly girl’s bride price, rent an apartment and do all she demanded. If you don’t have enough money with you. Mine is available” she spoke softly, leaving me filled with shame, happiness and gratitude.
“my love” i breathed, shaking with great excitement.

“please don’t say anything to me” she stopped me, got up and ran to our room. I tried going after her, but her mum stopped me.

“let her be for now, you can go in later. But please don’t ever forget this moment” she said seriously. I nodded and swallowed hard.
Even though i was happy, i equally was ashamed of myself for putting my wife in such situation.

Suddenly Jessica’s cry ripped through the building, throwing us up.
“what’s wrong?” my mother in law asked.

“i don’t know” i answered and ran to our bedroom where i saw my wife crying with her hands on her stomach.

“i feel terrible inside. My baby. My stomach. No no no” she cried.
To be continued

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