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Friday, 9 March 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 4

season 2 Episode 4
Few minutes later i got up and joined Jessica in our bedroom. I sat calmly beside her on the bed and held her hands cautiously.
A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 4
“My love, i do understand your fear and feelings, but you have to trust me on this one. Not every single lady out there is bad and desperate like Comfort. There are still good ones. Please my love listen to me” i begged solemnly. She kept quiet for some seconds before looking straight into my eyes.

“now what do you want me to do?” she asked with resignation.
“your support. I just need your support, my love” i begged. She simply stared at me saying nothing, which forced me to draw forward and kiss her gently. She blushed

“Tomorrow, i will go talk with your dad, and discuss the new plan with him. You know he also has a very big role to play for me” i added while she breathed deeply and nodded.

“fine, you have my support” she accepted with a faint smile which showed me that she still wasn’t totally convinced with all i tabled before her. I kept my feelings to myself and slowly reached for her b-----s, fondling them and getting her aroused. In no time we were kissing and fondling each other with great intensity.

We ended up having great s-x.

Early the next morning, i headed out to see my father in law. He was about driving out when i got to his compound, and he really wasn’t pleased that i didn’t inform him before coming. He wasted no time in telling me his mind while i apologized meekly before telling him the reason i showed up very early in the day.

“yea i know the Senator very well. He enjoys a very cordial relationship with the state governor. I believe you are on the right track by seeking his help. If he agrees to help you and steps foot on your case, plus the pressure i’m still putting in the school on your behalf, i believe you will get your job back in few weeks. Just keep me informed with any progress you make and also don’t do anything stupid with the Senator’s daughter. Of course I know how it feels to be a handsome young man like you” he said with a smile. I laughed, shook hands with him and left.

I really was glad that i had both my wife and his influencial dad on my side before moving over to the next stage of my ambigious plan.

Getting in touch with the Senator’s daughter was way too easier than i expected. She was doing her National Youth service programme in Abuja but was in the state for a short holiday when i reached out to her. Of course she already was aware of my situation and never even allowed me to say a word when she answered my phone call before sympatizing with me, telling me all she read in newspapers and online about my situation. I cashed in on the opportunity and told her that i needed her help.

She quickly accepted to help me without asking any embarrassing question and I ended up inviting her to my house for the big discussion which she also accepted.

Of course the main reason i invited the girl to my house was for my wife to be present throughout the duration of our conversation. In order for her to witness first hand all that was going on, because I very much knew that even though she had forgiven me over the mistake i made with Comfort, that the trust she once had on me was still yet to return.

Moreover I still was scared of what the future had in store for me notwithstanding the perfect plan i had.

To be sincere to you guys, i had the believe that the devil won’t just sit idle and watch me redeem myself so easily. I still felt that the evil wind of misfortune was still very much around me.
Only time would tell.
To be continued

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