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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Ololade Otuyemi: Growing by Her Niche

Ololade Otuyemi is the Head Chef of RL Desserts. Her company was
voted ‘Best Dessert Company’ in 2017 by Association of Professional Party Organizers and Event Managers of Nigeria (APPOEMN).

 The mother of a set of twin girls holds a degree in Computer Science from Coventry University, United Kingdom and an MBA from Plymouth University also in the United Kingdom. She worked briefly with Accenture as a consultant before leaving to pursue her passion, learning all about Patisserie at William Curley’s in Richmond, UK. In 2010, she returned to Nigeria to join the evolving wedding industry where she has excelled.
Ololade Otuyemi: Growing by Her Niche
Ololade Otuyemi
You left your job at Accenture because you wanted more. What was missing at that time?

I was bored! My dream job was no longer exciting. After four years, there was no fire in me. Mind you, the pay was really, really good. Most of my friends thought I was crazy leaving my job. 

Why did you think Patisserie was the way to go?

I am a big foodie and working in the city in the UK, I was surrounded with beautiful pastry shops. I had always wondered how pastries were made so I went online to look for a school where I could learn. For me, it was just something to do whilst I looked for a new job. But then, I found myself enjoying what I was doing!

How did you develop the business?

The business started in the UK; I would post my pictures on Facebook. A friend contacted me for his wedding and I said I don’t live in Nigeria. He then promised that if I did his job, he would tell everyone about me. I laughed. True to his word, he did! I got a call, one day, from a Funke Awobokun; cocktails in and out. She wanted me to come to Abuja for a job; all expense paid trip from London to Abuja! That was the moment my life turned around. I knew it was now a business. I got paid so much money, I told my husband, “Babes, it’s time to move back to Nigeria!”

What was it like coming back to Nigeria to an already evolving wedding industry?

When I moved back to Nigeria, there wasn’t a lot of people doing desserts; it was a new market. 

What innovation has your company brought into the industry?

Due to my experience in a professional kitchen, I know the importance of making food look pretty so that you eat with your eyes first! So, our desserts are always well garnished and neatly presented. 

Nigerians love food, the main course I mean. How do you get people to savour your creations when they are full?

Trust me, everyone loves desserts; especially, when it’s RL Desserts. Our dessert display are always irresistible.

From your experience, what would you say of Nigerians, food and weddings?

If there was ever and award for best partying country, it would have to go to Nigeria! 

What makes a wedding tick for you?

A good dessert spread, food and DJ.

What aspect of Nigerian weddings do you enjoy most?

Traditional wedding. It really reflects our culture. 

If you were to wed all over again, would the menu change?

I never had a wedding party. I just went to the registry. I am looking forward to my 15th anniversary when I can walk down the aisle and have a 3-course meal. But we’ll get to eat desserts first!

You were voted ‘Best Dessert Company’ by APPOEMN last year. How does that make you feel and how has the award helped your positioning in the industry?

To God be the glory. It certainly raised our profile locally. I couldn’t believe the amount of people who came to congratulate me. I am still receiving congratulations nearly a year on.

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