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Sunday, 22 April 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 21

Episode 21
“my love” I breathed, holding Jessica’s hands. She scoffed and drew back, fixed her hair and got up.
“I now get it, you never planned sending that girl away because she got your job back for you” she hissed, and headed to the bathroom.

I breathed deeply and fell back on the bed. Yea I definitely had to come up with something to reassure and put her mind at ease. Of course sending Comfort away was very much in my mind but the timing was what mattered the most. I just couldn’t send the girl away just few days after getting my job back. I was intelligent enough to know that I was still at her mercy, sending her out so soon could make her snap and spoil things once again.

I followed Jessica to the bathroom, held her by the waist, caressing her a little. She pushed my hands away, turned and stared at me.

“my love you just don’t understand. You are simply blinded by jealousy and hate. C’mon how do you expect me to kick her out the instant I get home. Let’s be honest. Don’t you think she will fight back?” I asked my dear wife who kept quiet, saying nothing.

“listen to me, my love” I pleaded, holding her chin.
‘’I will get the silly girl out of our home, that I promise you. But it’s going to be a gradual process. You know her only aim is to be with me and that will make kicking her out at this stage very dangerous. I promise I will move her to a good apartment but it’s just not now. Trust me” I begged with all my heart. Tears fell from Jessica’s eyes as she stared at me.

“ I do understand but it’s difficult living with the knowledge that another woman is living in my home. how many women will accept it.” she cried. I swallowed hard and hugged her. I really was lucky to have such an educated and understanding wife.

It really was a happy weekend for me. I had so much fun with my Jessica who managed her condition and took me out for a little sight seeing on Saturday. Early Sunday morning I headed back home with a happy mind.

I returned home to meet my mother very sick and dry. She just was a shadow of herself. I couldn’t believe she could look so horrible just after two days I left home.

Comfort was the first to tell me about her condition the moment I arrived.
“dearest I don’t just know what’s wrong with mum. She’s been vomiting all through Saturday. She’s taken every dysentery and diarrhea drugs I can get yet it doesn’t seem to work.” She said, leaving me very worried as I ran to my mother’s room.

“what could be wrong mum?. I cant remember the last time you had such stomach problem” I said to the old woman as I held her hands with concern. She smiled weakly.

“nobody called me. Comfort could have called to tell me” I breathed.
‘’no my son, I asked her not to disturb you. I also stopped her from taking me to the hospital. I think my stay in this house is over. I have to go back to the village . Your father wants me back. I will get better there, moreover I’m doing nothing here. I have seen you are comfortable with comfort.” She said quietly while I stared at her suspiciously, wondering if Comfort somehow had a hand in what was happening to her.

The next day I took mum home and returned to stay all alone with Comfort who brought her mum over to the house the next day without telling me.

I really was totally shocked as I returned home from work on Tuesday evening to see comfort and her mother in my sitting room.
To be continued

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