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Monday, 16 April 2018

Aliko Dangote: Why I seek contribution of one per cent of profit to healthcare

AFRICA’S foremost entrepreneur, Aliko Dangote, weekend, in Lagos, gave insight into why he was advocating that private sector operators in Nigeria country commit one per cent of their profit annually to fund healthcare services.
Aliko Dangote
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Dangote recently suggested to members of an expanded National Economic Council meeting, the need to have a trust fund to revitalize the nation’s public health sector similar to the education trust fund operated by the federal government and security trust fund run in some states.

He expressed the conviction that such trust fund would go a long way to helping the nation’s health sector and improving the people’s wellbeing in the face of multiple challenges confronting the nation with limited resources available to government.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos on the proposal for one per cent profit for healthcare trust fund, Dangote said, “for Nigeria to invest in her people, the same people must have good health and it is glaring that government does not have enough resources to execute all healthcare infrastructure, hence the need for private sector to come in. Such fund can be administered by government and private sector together for maximum impact just as being done in the education sector.”

Expressing readiness to offer necessary assistance to government on how to come about the trust fund, he enjoined private sector operators to be ready to join hands with government “to achieve the overall objective of improving our public health sector and turn around our human capital availability.”

Dangote has through his foundation committed billions of Naira to critical intervention in the health sector by building hospitals and equipping them. His Foundation is currently building the biggest maternity wards in Aminu Kano specialist hospital and state of the arts Surgical Operating Theatre and Diagnostic Centre (SDC), at a cost of N7 billion, which will soon be completed.

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