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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Reason shorter people struggle to lose weight more than a taller person

EXPERT has revealed scientific reason why shorter people battle with weight loss.
An expert has claimed there is a scientific reason why shorter women may struggle to lose weight in comparison to their taller peers. 

According to the president-elect of the Obesity Medicine Association, Craig Primack, smaller women have a slower metabolism to taller people, which is why they struggle to shed weight easily. 

The professional has claimed a short person has a smaller body, which means they need less energy, and will consequently burn less calories.

Craig also stated people with petite frames tend to have less muscle, and less lean mass, which is muscles, organs, bones and tissues. 

“The average woman has a basal metabolic rate (BMR) of 1,400 calories per day. 

“This means, if she lays in bed for 24 hours, she will burn 1,400 calories. But I see women who are shorter than 5 feet with BMRs of 1,200 calories, and some who are 5’10” or so at 1,750 or more per day.”

However, smaller people can still shed the extra pounds by doing specific exercises.

The key to weight loss, according to the expert, is to build lean and active muscle. 

This can be done by incorporating weight lifting into your weekly exercise regime, and focusing on heavier weights and concentrating on one muscle at a time.

“It is better to lift a 10kg dumbbell once than a 3kg dumbbell 20 times. Exercise to muscular failure stimulates the muscles even more.”

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