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Sunday, 6 May 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 30

Episode 30
My mother gave me a piece of her mind when I returned home that fateful morning. She wasted no time in telling me how disappointed and angry she was with me.
‘’your wife called me three times last night, crying so miserably. I just didn’t know what to tell her. Tell me what on earth happened?, why did you chose spending last night with Comfort’’ she asked after scolding me. I shook my head and headed to my room, saying nothing to her. Of course I knew how badly I messed up my relationship with my wife. I equally didn’t know what exactly Comfort said to her nor the tone she used. I felt very bad about the whole thing and I really had a hard time controlling my nervousness.

For one whole week, Jessica refused speaking to me nor answering my messages. I equally tried reaching out to her mother who also refused listening to me. I was left with no choice than to prepare for a journey to the capital city to see my dear wife once again.

Late Friday evening, I dropped off my mother in the village and returned quite on time to have a little discussion with Henry in his hotel.
‘’I pray Jessica listens to you when you finally meet up with her. My friend you are really in a messy situation’’ my friend said to me seriously while I shrugged slowly.

‘’Jessica loves me. I believe she will listen to me. Continue keeping an eye on comfort’’ I begged. He smiled and nodded.

5:20pm, Saturday, @ Jessica’s family residence Abuja
I gently settled down in the sitting room as the house girl who ushered me in disappeared to fetch my wife. I was extremely anxious and scared. I just didn’t know what to expect.

Jessica showed up five minutes later looking very cute in a well designed green gown. I swallowed hard as I gazed at her beauty, standing nervously.
‘’I don’t understand. Why are you here?’’’ she asked seriously.
‘’my love’’ I breathed, drawing close to hold her. She quickly avoided my touch.

‘’let’s go to my room. We sure have a lot to talk about. i don’t want you creating a scene here’’ she said slowly and headed to her room. I diligently followed her.

On getting to the room, she turned and faced me seriously..
‘’I really don’t know what you came here to do. It’s very obvious you can’t live without that silly girl you call comfort. You always run back to her no matter how much you try to pretend and deny it. She makes you happy. You enjoy sleeping with her, so why are you here. You already know I can never accept her nor any other girl. So be with her, enjoy your life and let me be’’ she barked.

‘’oh Jessica’’ I breathed, drew close and kissed her hotly. She surprisingly kissed back, returning my kisses hungrily for a moment before getting herself together and pushing me away.

‘’I don’t know what is wrong with you or even me. The signs are already there that we can’t be together, let’s stop this madness’’ she stammered nervously. I licked my lips, drew close and held her.

‘’I love you Jessica. Yea I know some unbelievable things has been happening. I also know I promised that I was about getting freed from Comfort’s influence only for you to call the next day to discover I slept in her apartment. Please trust me’’ I begged.

‘’trust, trust, trust. That’s what I always get. I don’t think we are ever going to be together. please stop using that word *trust* on me’’ she breathed.

‘’you look so beautiful when you get anxious’’ I muttered, brought down my lips and kissed her all over again. She slowly responded until her emotions got her carried away one more time. We kissed hotly for some minutes, stopping when my phone rang.

‘’I guess, she’s the person calling you’’ she muttered as I checked my phone. The call however was from an unregistered number. I quickly answered and grew chill as the caller’s voice hit my ears.

‘’hello Mr Caleb, I’m detective Johnson from state central command. I heard you left town this morning?’’ he asked,
‘’yes, I traveled to Abuja to see my wife. Is anything wrong?’’ I answered nervously.

‘’apparently your friend Mr Henry was shot minutes after you left his hotel. We need you back in the state as soon as possible to answer some questions. You were the last person to be with him before he was shot, I hope you know what it means’’ he said seriously, leaving me totally stunned.

‘’is he dead?, tell me please’’ I begged fearfully but unfortunately the detective hung up while Jessica stared at me with great concern, very curious to know what was happening.

I just didn’t know what to tell her nor how to carry on with the news. i was totally scared and lost as a thousand and one questions rang through my head.
To be continued

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