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Monday, 7 May 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 31

Episode 31
I forced out a smile, drew closer to Jessica and helped her sit on the bed. She stared at me anxiously, not knowing what to expect. I clasped her hands with mine and looked into her eyes.
‘’it was the police that called. You see my friend Henry was shot last night and I was the last person seen with him. I could as well be a suspect who knows’’ I explained slowly. She gasped with fear while i smiled to reassure her.

‘’Henry actually has been helping me to unravel several mysteries concerning comfort. He’s been quite helpful’’ I explained, taking my time to tell her about the new DNA test, the unexpected result and how I passed out in comfort’s apartment the night she called. It really was a long tale. She listened with all her mind.

‘’so what are you going to do now?’’ she asked curiously.
‘’I will take a flight back home tomorrow, by Monday morning I will show up at the police station’’ I answered nervously.

‘’who knows if your friend is dead or not. You could be in a lot of trouble’’ Jessica muttered, tears dropping from her eyes.

‘’perhaps we were never destined to be together, all that is happening is just to push us further apart. The more we try to fix things, the more complicated it gets. I cant imagine my life if you get thrown into jail. I will end up raising our son all alone’’ she sobbed, touching my heart with her words.

I drew her to myself and embraced her softy. Tears equally formed in my eyes. The last thing I wanted was going to jail. I could never survive that horrible place. Moreover a man of my status isn’t supposed to end up in such a horrible place.

‘’but who could have shot Henry, for what reason?. To silence him or was it a robbery gone bad?’’ I wondered deeply.
‘’my love I have to go get the table ready for dinner’’ Jessica said softly, breaking my thoughts.

Dinner was a very quiet one. Jessica and I couldn’t say much to each other as we ate. We really were so busy with our thoughts while my mother in law kept throwing occasional glances at us. Of course she noticed how tensed up we were.

I really was scared of returning home the next day. Yea I was very scared of many things. To make matters worse Henry’s phones were also dead or switched off which gave me the impression that he probably was dead. Knowing the type of police in the country, I felt I could be used as the fall guy moreover my scandal with Comfort and the publicity it generated was still fresh in many minds. But to be sincere, how I felt was nothing compared to the pain in Jessica’s heart. Ever since we got married, it has been one problem to another.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see my dear Jessica crying her heart out. I felt so bad. i needed not asking what was wrong with her.
”my love” i breathed, holding her hands.

‘’I just can’t sleep. I don’t even know what to expect tomorrow. This moment might be our last together who knows’’ she muttered breathlessly.
‘’my love, nothing makes us stronger than what we feel for each other. Our love will overcome all the obstacles facing us. In the end we will be together as one happy family’’ I breathed prayfully. She shook her head.

‘’I don’t know. I don’t just know. Happy endings only happen in telenovelas or coolval’s stories but not in real life. I’m scared. I’m afraid. Sometimes I feel that staying away from my matrimonial home was a bad idea’’ she muttered.

‘’no my love, you are much safer here. I love you’’ I whispered, kissing her softly. She slowly responded to my kisses which soon got more intense. We spend almost thirty minutes kissing each other with a very wondrous passion. But we didn’t make love….

By 4pm the next day, I took a flight home to face my future. However before I left, Jessica gave me her necklace and prayed I keep it with me everywhere I went.

‘’I’m really going to miss you. It’s also going to be terrible leaving with the feeling that anything could happen to you once you get home. But please keep this necklace with you, always leave it round your neck. Whenever you feel bad, touch it and know that I’m with you in spirit’’ she said with great love.

As the plane took off, I closed my eyes and touched the necklace,
‘’oh Jessica, I promise we will be together in the end’’

7am, Monday morning
I walked into the building of the state police central command and headed straight to detective Johnson’s office. Of course I was very scared. I knew anything could happen to me right there, moreover I came alone with no lawyer.

‘’God help me’’ I prayed nervously.
‘’good morning detective. I’m Mr Caleb, you invited me over on Saturday because of my friend who was shot’’ I introduced myself with a smile.
“please is Henry dead?”” I asked nervously.

The middle aged officer instantly drew back on his chair and studied me curiously. It really was an intense moment.

“why are you so interested to know if he’s dead ??”” he asked suspiciously while I stared at him like a cornered rat.
To be continued

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