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Sunday, 6 May 2018

How to tell she is in love part 2

Women are not particularly vocal about their feelings early in on relationships as men are. This is because they usually don’t want to put themselves out there too early and risk “scaring off ” a man, or appearing too “cheap

or easy”. I think this may be a bit silly considering that this is not the 18th century, women are supposed to be more sure of themselves and confident in their relationships today. Nonetheless, it’s still happening. If you tell a guy you love him and it scares him off, I think you did yourself a favor and saved yourself a lot of trouble right from the beginning. 
However, just as it is with the woman, it can get pretty uncomfortable for a guy too if he has to keep guessing if the woman he loves feels the same way about him. It’s a gut feeling that can tear you up inside. Every day, your doubt will grow and if it does not, it seesaws back and forth or merry-go round. Quite frustrating and might cause unnecessary friction and doubts between the lovers. Because love is different for every couple, there is no owner ’s manual that you can check to figure out if the person you love loves you back. 

Physical chemistry is the first thing many people look for or identify in a relationship. Though being physically attracted to each other is important, this kind of attraction can vanish with a poof, if the relationship is not based on other subtle, and not so subtle, qualities as well. Physical attraction doesn’t always translate as love. If you want to solve the mystery of love and put your doubt to rest that your girl loves you, here are some behaviors that may assist you in your findings. Keep in mind that these are in general, and this information assumes that your girl is not: addicted, abusive, married, living with someone else, or an outrageous flirt. Once you are clear about those facts, even if she does not sum up her feelings into the three precious words, her actions can speak louder than words.

Communication: This is one of the important keys to a successful relationship. How your girl communicates with you is very important. It is an indication that she wants to be open and forthcoming with you. When you ask about her plans, either for the day, week, holidays, career, or future, she does not hedge you off. She will call you often to know what you are doing and she wants to share her day with you too. She will be upfront with her answers. Honesty between you two will help to build trust in a long term relationship. No conflicting message: When there are conflicting messages in a relationship, it can drive one crazy. You will feel like the rubber ball attached to the paddle by

a slim rubber string, batted back and forth. She does not profess her love for you and desire to be with you, then in another breath begin to fantasize about the things she used to do with an ex. The real message that is being sent is “come here.....and go away, you can’t win”. A lady who is in love with you will not dish out conflicting messages to you. Her language will be plain and simple. She will make you her one and only love interest. Her words and thoughts are straight forward and you will not feel batted around.

She wants to know: If a woman is attracted to you, then she would likely ask a lot of questions. When she asks you questions about your past, your desires, (not just sexual), your needs, how you feel inspired, what you love or anything about you that relates to your thoughts intimately as an individual, you can be sure that she wants what is best for you. She would also demand further explanation if she feels that your answers do not satisfy her curiosity. However, it is important to keep in your mind that you should always be honest with your answers. Don’t lie just to impress her, as it has bad impact in the long run

You become a part of her other relationships: When a girl falls in love, she may not find it easy to keep it to herself. Love is a beautiful feeling that radiates all around you and all over you when you find it. For many of us girls, it is not very easy to keep as a secret. Our friends are usually the first to know that we have struck gold. A girl who is in love with you will want to share her discovery with her friends and family. She will make plans to introduce you to them. When you meet them, you will realise they already know a lot about you because she has obviously talked about you. They are already familiar with your job, your hobbies and even some of the little intimate things you do together. This may be linked closely with the next point, affirming.

She is affirming: Whether privately or publicly, your girl will often speak of how she is proud of you. She thinks the work you do is the most important thing in the world and loves for you to tell her about what you accomplished during the day. She is happy to help you with your work in any way she can. A woman in love will not “stab and run,” making little negative comments that name the things about you she would like to see “fixed.”. Once you know this, you will not have to worry about what she might say to your friend, mother or boss about you!

Gifts: Love is usually present even in the little gestures we make. When a woman is in love with you, she will notice all the details about you, what you like, read or admire and her gifts will reflect her observation. The quality of her gift will show the level of her perception about what you like. Her gifts do not have to be expensive or match those you have given her, after all, you are not in a competition. If she is not rich and sends you pricey gifts, then there is a problem and you too need to talk.

As I have mentioned earlier, there is no love manual and all relationships are different from each other. If you love a woman and sense that she loves you but is not saying it, make her feel comfortable. Sometimes, it might take just a few days to have her singing your name to the high heavens, other times, it might take months or even years. The bottom line here is what she truly feels about you and how you are able to interpret it. Love does not usually come so easy, just as it does not always end up in “happy ever after ”. So, embrace it when you find it. It is better to have tried and fail than to have never tried at all. So, good luck with your search.

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