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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Independent women are the most loveable in society — Love Ufuoma Madue


Often times, men regard independent women as proud and arrogant because they believe such women are threats to them, but for Delta State-born entrepreneur and philanthropist, it should not stop any woman from working hard to become independent. 
Independent women are the most loveable in society — Love Ufuoma Madue
Love Ufuoma Madue
In an interesting chat with Potpourri, Love Ufuoma Madue, explained how she became so passionate about being an independent woman and how much she has been able to positively encourage other young ladies close to her to acquire skills that would make them become assets to their families and lovers instead of a liability. 

“Many times, independent women are seen as proud, rude and obstinate, but the truth is most independent women are the most loveable women in our society. Men take independent and hard working women seriously contrary to the notion that selfsufficient women keep men away. A strong and independent woman will attract to herself a great and equally strong man. Therefore, every woman owes herself the duty of acquiring skills and fending for herself while any support from her man or husband is an added bonus”, she said.

As a young entrepreneur who runs a beauty outfit, she sees it as a responsibility to employ young women as a means of encouraging them to be less dependent on men for their livelihood. 

“I use every opportunity I’ve to support people, especially young women like me, because they too would do the same to others someday. Many ladies nowadays depend so much on men to survive. I believe it’s not wrong for a lady to have a man who can stand in and care for her but she should be prudent with spending and make sure she ties something down with some of the money she gets from the man because the free gifts and money might not come in regularly. So, she can fall back on the investment she has made” she said

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