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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Sexual Intimacy In Marriage

Sexual intimacy in marriage, discusses the fundamentals, definitions of marriage and the not so essential topics such as: achieving sexual satisfaction. 

It addresses genuine people in a real world without compromising, God’s wonderful intent and purposes for his beautiful gift of sex. 
Seriously, why do men and women get married? Simply put, it is because they want to share their lives with a partner in a very intimate way. Naturally, human beings yearn for closeness, to be fully known and to be unconditionally loved. 

Intimacy is known to include physical closeness. To a lot of persons, this quickly gets translated to meaning a sexual relationship. Oh yes, matrimonial love involves sex as the case may be, though long time couples will often times relate that, the sexual part of their union is only one of the many ways they are intimate with each other. Other forms of intimacy are emotional, intellectual, heart- to-heart conversation, working together at common goals and spiritual intimacy. A true marriage intimacy entails being honest with your mate, allowing yourself to be vulnerable. As you know and trust your spouse not to hurt you, willing to give yourself completely and risk the unknown.

This physical intimacy is very unique and profound because, it helps to reveal your bodies in their beauty and imperfection for the pleasure of your partner. That private moment, that momentous act of total self-giving and trust that we don’t share with other people. It does celebrate your joy and stirs you out of emotionlessness, the possibility of new life being born from this loving act. is a miracle almost beyond comprehension. 

As humans, we are not perfect.There will be times you will fall short of the ideal spouse. Also, there might be times when trust will be shattered. When this happens, you must make sure to reach deeply into your reserve of love, change what needs to be changed and do ask for forgiveness. That too is an intimate act. 

Come to think of it, is love making really that significant in marriage? The answer is simply yes. Remove intercourse from your marriage, you and your partners become glorified ‘’roommates’’. As sexual intimacy creates a bond that nothing else really can. Below are three major reasons sexual intimacy needs to be a priority in your marital life. 

First, it brings you closer to your spouse. There is no other form of deeper feeling of connection than that of the experience you have after copulating with your partner. Whereas, on the other hand, when sex is lacking, there will be disconnection. Also, if couples argue and avoid seeing eye to eye, the usual culprit is that of not enough intimate sex. ‘’Not enough sex’’ does not mean the kind of sex that is merely physically satisfying, complete opposite really. It’s all about making love, that type of sex that leaves you both fully satisfied both emotionally and physically. This kind of copulation creates a powerful bond between a husband and wife. Hence, when you are having enough intimate sex, the rest areas of your marriage will fall into place that much more easily. You and your mate will get along better, not because you have a ton of sex, but, because the type of sex you are indulging in, is helping both of you truly connect.

Secondly, it allows you to become selfless. If as a couple, you are having great sex, it will be because both of you are putting each other first. When this happens, both of you end up being highly satiated physically and emotionally. There is a difference between this deep connection and just making love. Know that being with your partner sexually is great: but, when you decide to put their sexual needs first, it becomes amazing. Selflessness in bed actually allows both of you to truly show your love to one another. It allows both of you to feel pleasure in knowing that your spouse cares for you in every area of life.This bond of selflessness, will definitely spill to other areas of your marriage. 

Thirdly, this makes your spouse to feel loved. After lovemaking, the woman feels deep connection: for the man, there is so much more happening. Ordinarily, guys feel the most loved after physically being loved by their ladies especially, if the love language is physical touch.

Thus, it is not healthy for relationships when wives use sex as a tool to get what they want or to punish their husbands. When this occurs, that means, there is no true underlying connection to each other. Continuous rejections of sexual intimacy , makes spouse feel unwanted and unloved. 

Sex is meant to be that string that pulls you together not as a manipulation tool. When you repeatedly reject your spouse when it comes to intercourse, this can cause major issues in your marriage. Rejecting to be physically intimate with your partner, sends a signal that you don’t desire him and do not want to be with him. On the other hand, when lovemaking becomes a priority, then both of you will feel more loved. l dare you to try to make love to your spouse today. 

The greatest gift in marriage is sexual intimacy, when couples put this higher on the ladder in the home, they will both be happier and healthier. Is anything stopping you? Then have a proper and open conversation about your sex life today. 

Not having intimacy in marriage, is like walking through a desert with a glass of water, that is always out of reach.

To be continued

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