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Friday, 17 August 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 35&36

Episode 35
The arrival of my little girl brought so much joy and happiness in my heart. Oh yea I was expecting a son but the joy of seeing an exact little replica of my wife was so much to contain.
‘’our little girl is so pretty’’ I whispered sweetly into Jessica’s ears as she regained her strength on the hospital bed. She smiled weakly, managing to bring up her hand which she placed on my face.

‘’I’m so happy. I’m now a full woman’’ she breathed with tears of joy. I bent and kissed her forehead.
‘’promise me that things will never get bad again’’ she begged softly. I kissed her once again, promising never to let her down in anyway..
‘’I cant wait to return to my home. I just cant wait for us to become one big happy family’’ she muttered breathlessly. i stared at her with eyes full of love and contentment.

I was very satisfied and proud of my dear Jessica. she really endured and suffered a lot for me. not many women would have been patient like her. she was so understanding and supportive. Finally, it was time to build my family and live a very happy life. I just couldn’t wait to have her back in my home.
My parents were equally delighted when I called with the great news. They all insisted on speaking with Jessica and I had no choice than to grant their wish even though Jessica was very exhausted.

Two days later Jessica was discharged from the hospital. I traveled back home that same day to get things fully ready for the eventual return of my dearest wife. Those moments were really one of the best I ever had. I did things with a new spirit. I became very open, jovial, friendly and affectionate to everyone. It just looked as if I got a new life but only one thing still disturbed me and it was nothing else but comfort and my little son. Yes I really felt like snatching the little boy from her and raising him with my daughter. A wish I so much nourished with all my heart.

‘’so what now?’’ comfort asked the day I finally managed to tell her about my new daughter. It was on a Saturday evening, almost a month after Jessica put to bed and equally a day before she was due to return back to my home. I chose that fateful evening to visit and tell comfort about the true situation of things, equally using the opportunity to warn her to stay away from my wife when she returns because i knew a lady like her was capable of doing something funny to spoil things for me.

‘’this is how things should be from now on. I will regularly send you money for our son’s upkeep and equally show up when necessary but in exchange you will have to stay away from my wife and my house . in fact stay away from my family.’’ I said to her seriously but just like I expected, Comfort wasn’t too pleased with my offer.
‘’you know my dream has always been to be with you. I never chose to love you. My heart did. I love you Caleb . I need your love. I don’t want your money. Please listen to me’’she begged, almost sobbing with great emotion. I quickly stood up with a frown.

‘’I don’t love you. I never did. Please stay away from my wife, she’s coming home tomorrow. I don’t want any troubles from you. Please’’ I said seriously. She stood up and grabbed me, shedding few drops of tears.
‘’I’m the mother of your son. Don’t treat me like this. I beg of you’’ she cried. I pushed her away, headed to the door, turned and faced her as I grabbed the doorknob.
‘’I know you wont listen, but I swear, I will kill you if you dare come close to Jessica’’ I threatened. unfortunately her mother showed up from the kitchen that very moment with a very angry look.
‘’what did you just say?. Did I hear you right?’’ she asked angrily. I simply gave her an askance look and walked away without another word.

My wife, my little daughter and my mother in law arrived at my house the very next day with so much noise and joy. It really was such a wonderful moment.

My father in law and my good old parish priest were with me in the house to welcome my family and pray for new life and happiness for us all. It simply was a very great moment. I was the happiest man on earth.
”i’m fully back to be with you my love. Nothing will ever draw us apart again” Jessica promised as we kissed with great passion.
Unfortunately, we never celebrated for too long because the evil wind of misfortune took no time in blowing. Tragedy soon struck.

Episode 36
After two weeks of living together as one happy family. Jessica began insisting on paying a visit to comfort and her baby, something I opposed with all my heart but she kept insisting that it almost led to a quarrel.
‘’I don’t see the reason why you are kicking against it. Of course as your wife I’m duty bound to pay at least one visit to that girl to see her son. I have every right to do it. i’m dying to see how her son looks’’ Jessica heavily insisted on the third week, forcing me to reluctantly accept her request. I accepted with great reservation.

‘’fine we will go check up on her together’’ I muttered slowly. she rolled her eyes happily.
‘’so when exactly are we going?’’ she asked. I breathed deeply, stared at her for some seconds and shrugged.
‘’Sunday will be fine. Exactly one week from today’’ I answered with mixed feelings.

‘’why are you looking very serious?, you aren’t happy?’’ she asked, climbing on me with a seductive smile. I closed my eyes, to avoid staring at her.

‘’you know sometimes, you behave like a kid’’ she joked, kissed me softly, and unbuttoned my shirt. I opened my eyes to see her looking at me hungrily, her eyes filled with want and passion. i suddenly had the urge to make love to her. of course we were yet to get intimate since she returned from the capital city because i wanted her to recover her full strength but that very evening her action proved she was dying to have it.
‘’don’t start what you won’t finish’’ I threatened, grabbed, kissed and pinned her to the bed, hastily undressing her. She moaned, bringing up her chest heavily laden with her succulent b-----s.
‘’my love, take me softly’’ she begged, leaving me with a happy smile as I took my time to satisfy her with all my might.. we made real love, rediscovering what we missed for so long.

Wednesday afternoon I paid a visit to comfort from work. She frowned on seeing me walk into her apartment. I ignored her mood, settled down and forced out a smile. Really it was my first time of visiting after my wife’s return. The last time we spoke to each other was the day I warned her to stay away from my family, a warning she surprisingly honored.

‘’so what brought you here. I thought you have forgotten all about me?’’ she asked. i breathed deeply, ignoring her question.
‘’my wife wants to visit you. She’s coming over on Sunday to see our son. I will come with her, so don’t be scared’’ I said softly. She scoffed and licked her lips.
‘’me scared?, I cant be scared of your wife’’ she said seriously.

‘’fine, that settles it. We will be here on Sunday afternoon, please do behave yourself before Jessica ’’ I said and stood up to leave. She stared at me with disbelief.
‘’you won’t even say hello to your son?. Don’t let him grow up to hate you’’ she said with a drawn face. I shrugged, saying nothing.

‘’so you really wont ask how I have been faring or even ask of your son?’’ she added seriously, making me a bit uncomfortable with the questions.

‘’you know, a time will come when you will come looking for this boy you have been ignoring and treating like an outcast. It will then be my turn to give you conditions. you are free to behave as you like, i wont disturb you again’’ she threatened as if she knew the future. I shook my head, forced out a smile and headed to the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

”Caleb” she suddenly called, forcing me to turn and face her once again. she said nothing else, instead stared back at me.
”yes?” i answered with a question look.
”my mother has returned to the village and i’m now all alone in this apartment. i always feel lonely” she complained, expecting me to say something but i clearly had nothing to say to her over it.

‘’so when actually are you doing your school final clearance in readiness for national youth service, or have you done it?’’ I suddenly asked, changing the topic but the question somehow threw her off balance. I noticed it instantly.
‘’hmmm, just leave me alone’’ she answered and backed me..

Sunday soon arrived with a bright early morning sun. everything looked so beautiful and bright. My wife, my mother in law and my beautiful daughter all headed to the church with great happiness. we prayed and thanked God for seeing us through the difficult times. i prayed with great joy and fulfillment.
After church service we stayed behind to great my old friend, the parish priest. He was overly delighted to see us.
‘’you know my son, no name other than Jessica would have fitted your little angel. She’s just a carbon copy of your wife’’ the old priest said to me as he escorted us to my car. I smiled happily.

‘’you see, patience is the key to everything. Your life is slowly turning back to normal’’ he added happily.
‘’yeah Father you are very right. Things are slowly turning back well. I’m now happy with the woman I love’’ I answered with a smile.

We headed to comfort’s house straight from the church and believe me I was very nervous because it really was the first time my wife and Comfort was to meet after many long months.
Fortunately, things went well. Comfort behaved maturely and even allowed my wife and her mother to carry little Caleb for a while. Everything went fine and I was very relieved.

But on our way back home, my mother in law made the same statement my mother made when she saw little Caleb for the first time.

‘’I’m sorry to say this but that boy doesn’t look healthy to me. He looks quite pale’’ she said.
‘’yes mum and he has a very unusual high body temperature, but I feel Comfort is very much aware of it because it’s very noticeable’’ my wife added.

‘’you know, my mother said the same thing, some months back but the child is still alive, so i guess there is nothing wrong with him’’ I explained to them..

But Unfortunately, by 4am the next day, I got a very disturbing phone call from Comfort,
‘’my child is dead. Our son is dead. little Caleb is dead’’ she cried..
To be continued

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