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Monday, 27 August 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 37

Episode 37
‘’what do you mean he’s dead?’’ I asked with disbelief, sitting up on my bed.
‘’he’s dead oo, he’s dead. He died few minutes ago’’ comfort cried out once again, leaving a heavy pain on my chest with the chilling words.
‘’I’m all alone here. You know my mother has been away for a while. I’m so confused’’ she cried.
‘’hold on dear. I will be right there in few minutes.’’ I promised jumped out of the bed, changed clothes and freshened up quickly.

‘’what’s wrong?, what’s happening?’’ I soon heard Jessica ask as she turned on the bed. I forced out a smile, drew close and kissed her.
‘’little Caleb is dead. Comfort just called to inform me. I have to go check up on her’’ I explained quietly.

‘’my God’’ Jessica screamed and sat up with a look of concern.
‘’’relax my dear, I will be back shortly’’ I promised, kissed her once again and left without another word.

I really didn’t know how to feel with the news of my son’s dead. The poor boy never deserved the cold treatment I meted out to him. He came into the world where he was never wanted and I guess he was left with no option than to leave with the pain of rejection. Tears dropped from my eyes as I drove that fateful morning. i felt very bad.

Some concerned neighbors were with comfort when I arrived at her apartment. She instantly threw herself on me the instant she spotted me.

‘’he’s dead. They have killed him. She has succeeded ’’ she cried with all her spirit. I hugged her for some minutes before going over to check on my son. It was quite a touching moment. The little boy was cold and very dead, no doubt.

‘’let’s take him to the hospital’’ I quickly muttered, wrapping the little boy and handing him over to the mother. In no time we were on our way to the hospital.

‘’how did it happen. Please talk to me?’’ I heard myself ask on our way to the hospital. Comfort blew her nose and stared at me.

‘’I woke up to see him coughing endlessly. I carried him to see if I can stop the cough but all he did was to breathe his last. I tried everything to revive him. Yet it all ended in futility. I called in neighbors and they confirmed him dead. I then called you and my doctor’’ she explained with tears.

When we got to the hospital , her cousin (the doctor) was already waiting, he quickly checked up the boy and confirmed him dead. However the way he carried on with the examination as if it was something he was expecting to happen drew up my curiosity.

‘’doctor, can we talk outside for a moment’’ I demanded softly. The young doctor studied me for a while before nodding.

‘’’sure ‘’ he accepted and walked out with me.
On getting outside, I stopped and faced him seriously.
‘’I know you are comfort’s cousin and I also know my little boy was never healthy. I think it’s time you tell me the secret you have been keeping with your sister’’ I demanded angrily, shocking the doctor who drew back, pretending to be surprised. I drew forward and grabbed his shirt by the collar. i was a bit rough with the way i grabbed him.

‘’now tell me everything. be fast with it’’ I demanded furiously, shaking him with all my strength but fortunately for him, some of his nurses rushed out and separated us.

‘’I’m so sorry sir. I will run some tests to ascertain the cause of his dead. please be patient. in few hours time everything will be ready’’ he stammered and walked away, leaving me with no choice than to calm down.

I slowly returned to the room where comfort was crying heavily.
‘’let’s go home. You have to calm down’’ I begged dutifully, putting my arms around her. She looked into my eyes painfully, shaking her head.

‘’I don’t want to be alone.. I want you to stay with me. Please don’t go away.’’ She begged solemnly..

‘’sure of course, I will be by your side. I’m going no where’’ I promised with a heavy heart.

‘’she killed him. your wife killed him’’ she cried out once again as I held her.
Deep down, i was more than troubled and very ready to unravel all the hidden secrets.
To be continued

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