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Thursday, 9 August 2018

A Tale With My Lecturer season 2 Episode 34

Episode 34
Leaving Henry’s apartment, i headed straight to see Comfort in order to straighten things with her. I felt it was a very nice step to take not minding what my wife said about such move the last time we talked.

The time was 8pm when I made it to Comfort’s house. She frowned on seeing me, putting up a defiant look as if we have been quarreling for ages. I ignored her look, walked into the sitting room, looked around and faced her.

‘’seems like your wife told you not to visit me anymore. You have been away for way too long’’ she hissed angrily.
‘’I came for a serious talk because i think I’m finally catching up to reality’’ I said seriously, noticing how pale she instantly grew when I said those words.
‘’I don’t understand’’ she stammered. I scoffed and shook my head.

‘’my friend Henry was shot’’ I added, studying her reaction. Surprisingly she remained untouched with the news which kind of showed that she probably was aware of it and perhaps in a bid to appear calm failed to give out any reaction.
‘’I guess you already know’’ I said with a swift smile. She drew back nervously and looked around as if we weren’t alone in the sitting room.

‘’little Caleb is sleeping, let’s go to my room and talk’’ she begged, grabbing my hands and dragging me to her room, very shaken and colored up. It was very obvious she was hiding something.

On getting to her room, she turned and faced me with great spirit. Her lips quivering as if she was under great emotional duress. She held me strongly, looking into my eyes.

‘’tell me what’s the matter this time?. Are you going to accuse me now that I shot your friend or did he tell you anything bad about me?’’ she asked curiously.
‘’I think it’s time you tell me all the little secrets you are keeping’’ I persuaded.

‘’’what secrets are you talking about?’’ she asked, feigning innocence. I scoffed and looked into her eyes.
‘’you still take me for a fool don’t you?’’ I asked angrily.
‘’what’s up with you?. The only crime I know I have committed is loving you. What else do you want me to do to prove it huh?. I have sacrificed my feelings, future, happiness, pride and everything to make you happy yet you always come here to insult me. It’s no longer about little Caleb’s paternity but now about me shooting your friend who means nothing to me’’ she flared up, quickly regaining her composure and putting me in defensive position with her words. Surely she wasn’t an easy lady to manipulate.

‘’you know what?, if your friend has something on me, he should come forward and spit it out and not feeding you with assumptions’’ she shouted and sat on her bed.
I stared at her for some minutes, not knowing what else to say. Of course I achieved nothing with the useless stunt.

‘’I guess I have to leave now’’ I breathed, turned and made to leave.
‘’not even an apology’’ she demanded. I froze for some seconds.
‘’I also need money. I’m very broke’’ she added.
‘’I will send you money tomorrow’’ I promised and left….
Of course my attempt to make her talk ended in futility, I ended up looking more stupid and clueless. I felt totally downcast.

Two days later, Henry called to tell me that he was in Calabar for a little vacation, I really was surprised but happy for him.

‘’I will be back very soon with the story of your life’’ he assured me.
However a month went by without Henry returning to his job. I really was worried but pushed everything to the back of my mind as I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new baby. I left nothing out in preparing and setting up my apartment and crib for the baby. I just couldn’t wait for my Jessica to come home with my son..
Finally on a Wednesday morning, weeks later, Jessica called me with a very wonderful news.

‘’I will be having my baby on Saturday. Please try and come over. I want you to be with me to the very moment’’ she requested, blowing up my heart with the great news. I was extremely overjoyed.

Friday evening, I took a flight down to Abuja to be with my one and only sweetheart. Unfortunately she didn’t put to bed on Saturday.
Early Sunday morning, Jessica gave birth to a very beautiful girl…
To be continued

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