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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Birth Control Options For Men

Hormonal birth control from time past, has always been exclusive of women: with the exception of condoms. As you know, birth control is very fundamental in preventing pregnancy. It can also help with the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases depending on the type used, as well as regulate menstrual cycle and clear up skin. Not until recently, contraceptives have always been mostly for ladies; but now, there is a shot at creating a successful birth control for men as an alternative. Contraceptives also known as male birth control, are methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies that primarily involve the male physiology. For several years, there have been quite a few changes in male contraceptives when compared to that of female. Research is on going for them so there is still no official one available yet.
Birth Control Options For Men
Presently, the only available options and most common kinds of birth control for men, vary in how they help prevent unwanted pregnancy, how easy they are to use, the cost price, and the possibility of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Some method of birth control are strictly for men; apart from abstinence which both gender can practice. should note that, you are at risk for STIs and getting ladies pregnant thus you have to practice safe sex with a single partner and settle for options about birth control that can lower these risks, these options are listed below. A number of men tend to use
withdrawal method: this involves pulling of manhood out of the vagina before ejaculating, in order to prevent the woman from getting pregnant. This is not a very reliable method, as sperm can be released before ejaculation.
Condom is one of the most effective birth control for men. This prevents pregnancy by serving as a form of barrier in stopping sperm from reaching and fertilizing the woman’s egg. Condom also lessens the chances of getting infected with sexually transmitted infections, from one partner to another. This actually gives the man the opportunity to take an active part in preventing pregnancy.

Vasectomy is a safe outpatient procedure used all over the World. It is highly effective in preventing pregnancy.

It is a minor but permanent surgical procedure, that stops sperm from getting ejaculated from the penis. This is not practical for a young sexually active guy who may want to have biological children later in life.

The above options are not often the best and most times, they are not always effective as birth control as they can be forgotten or performed the wrong way. Hence, Researchers have been working very hard to get male contraceptives right, though it seems to be taking time. They are working on coming out with right combination of hormones, to prevent pregnancy and the limitation of side effects. The side effects that might occur include; mood swings, depression, muscle pain, some guys gained weight and feel a higher sex libido and some develop acne.

According to Guttmacher Institute, about forty percent of pregnancies that occurred in 2012 were all unintentional. This is saying that there is need to have more choices, and having a breakthrough for male pill is critical to answering this issue.

Male contraceptive is certainly not coming to the pharmacy any time soon. Although men desire more birth control options, the reality about the slow progress is this, ‘’ the science of finding new methods and getting those methods approved for market, has been incredibly difficult.’’ Sadly enough there is hope. Quite a number of products are gradually creeping their way through clinical trials. A topical gel that blocks sperm production, is the furthest along in development, followed by a hormonal pill and a non surgical vasectomy.

surgical vasectomy. Page Stephanie, a professor of medicine at University of Washington, and the study’s senior investigator has this to say; ‘’Men like women should have choices.’’ And this will benefit women. ‘’The more choices we have, the less likely we are to have unplanned pregnancies,’
Page added. As we will see a situation where unintended pregnancies drop by up to five percent in the United States and South Africa, and by as much as thirty-eight percent in Nigeria.

Contraception is largely viewed as a woman’s issue, both culturally and medically. ‘’For women, the Food and Drug Administration weighs the harms of pregnancy, against the side effects of birth control,’’ Campo- Engelstein tells mental_ floss. ‘’But since there are no physical side effects to pregnancy for men, it’s not seen as a health issue”. While Dr John Hesla a reproductive endocrinologist at Oregon Reproductive Medicine, tells mental_floss that in order to win FDA approval, a male contraceptive should be “close to 100 percent effective, easy to administer, reversible, inexpensive, and have few or no side effects.’’

In conclusion, researchers are very sure of safe, effective and reversible method of male birth control, that will eventually become a reality even though it will take several years. What a day it will be when men eventually have highly reliable and effective contraceptive to use.

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