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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Sexless Marriage And What To Do

Sexual intimacy is what makes your marital life more than just a platonic friendship although some couples may fall into habit of letting the physical part of the wedlock fall by the wayside. There might be some normal drop-off during the early stage of marriage within the first few years of marriage especially with the arrival of children still we shouldn’t allow it dry up completely as this can cause a major marital problem that must be given attention to. A married partner can become more or less roommate even when both seems to be okay with it but the truth be told , this is hardly the case, as one or both mates are significantly frustrated or hurt by such circumstance.
Sexless Marriage And What To Do
Sexless Marriage And What To Do
Couples hardly admit that sex is lacking in their union, the reality is that about twenty percent of partners say they find themselves in this situation of having sex less than once a month, though there is no magical number of times, having that little can be really worrisome, as this can cause lack of emotional connection, resentment and can also lead to adultery.

Here are some examples of little sex in marriage is not the same for everyone as what works for both of you can be considered okay. Experts agree that couple who have ten or fewer sexual intercourse in a year tend to have more problems in their marital life. Here are some ways to identify if you are in a sexless marriage.

Rare sexual intimacy, the real issue of a sexless marriage phenomenon is whether you are having some sexual intimacy or not. If you hardly touch in a sexual way the matrimony is not only sexless but more likely to suffer because of it.

Little or no sexual interest, some people don’t even bother about having sex as they don’t even care whether they make love or not as a result of which one partner is usually happier with the situation than the other. Most wedlock usually have one of the partner with a higher libido or sex drive and one has less sex drive. As many as 30% of men and 50% of women admit to having little or no interest in sex. What stand this statistics out is the fact that, men are so strongly socialized to be highly sexual that they are less likely to admit when it is true for them.

Low quality of love making for some mates, the question is not about how many times rather how good enough was it in terms of satisfaction, this is when sex becomes boring and mechanical even if it happen regularly as longer as it doesn’t fulfill its goal of mutual sexual satisfaction then it’s sex is less.

Low sex drive, quite a number of couples simply have low libido as they never show much interest in love making or the lack of interest might be due to medical/psychological reasons. These group of couple usually have problem with not initiating sex hence your sex drive is bound to suffer, note that there is a difference between having low libido and not being interested in having intercourse with your partner in particular. But if you happen to desire sex with other persons rather than your spouse, then you don’t have a low sex drive, what you have is another problem in your marriage.

Medical challenge such as high blood pressure, diabetes, the medication you take, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal deficiencies/imbalances, smoking, obesity and thyroid dysfunction are just some of the issues that can have a bearing on your libido or your enjoyment of sexual experiences.

Emotional Disconnection can cause a rift between couples sexually as you no longer feel emotionally close to your mate hence you end up having less sex often. This particular circle can make sex diminish more and more over a period of time, this can continue on its ever-increasing path until you no longer want to copulate with your spouse.

Having children can lead to dissatisfaction with your sex life as women are very particular about their body while they are pregnant, having the baby afterwards coupled with breastfeeding can make hormones get out of their normal balance as such lovemaking can become painful and she might remember it for a long time even after the child is weaned.Unresolved anger is at the root of problem in many sexless relationship, most times people in this kind of unions use divorce as citing sexual problem as a major factor even though anger may be the real issue that causes the lack of sex.

Mental disorder such as depression and anxiety can keep one or both mates from having fulfilling sex life to meet their satisfaction. The use of antidepressant can cause erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness while anxiety medication can slow the metabolism, decreasing your level of excitement. The spouse with the mental health problem often times concentrate too much on the experiences of their illness that they have little attention left to give to their mates and on the other hand, the other may not feel attracted to their mates anymore.

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